Pricing Guidelines:

Below is a simple guideline we use for pricing interior residential home painting.

These prices are not final as every job is different. These prices are for reference purposes only and are to be used as a guide for you to to figure out roughly the cost of your painting project.

Please understand that every single painting job is different.
For example...A 20 x 20 (400 sq.ft.) empty room is much easier to paint than a 10 x 10 (100 sq.ft) room fully furnished. Although at first it would seem to make sense that the larger room would cost more to paint simply based on size being relative to cost but in a situation like this, quite the opposite would be true.
Consider that the smaller room is not only furnished so it will require moving furniture around, but also covering of the furniture will be necessary to protect from paint drips and splatter etc. Also the smaller room is alot more crowded making it quite difficult to move around in and paint in therefore taking much longer and more man hours to paint then the larger empty room even though the larger room is 4 times the size.

So please feel free to use the pricing guidelines below but please understand that these prices are not final.
Thank you.




• $200-$400 per room.

• $100 per room.
• smaller baths/pwdr. rooms $25 - $50.

• $100-$150 per room.
• includes doorway frames and windows frames.

• French doors - $60 per side per door.

• Walls > 2 coats interior latex (customers' choice of colour).
• Ceilings > 2 coats interior latex flat white ceiling paint.

• Trim > 1 coat interior latex white semi-gloss.
• Minimal prep involved.
• Wall height not to exceed 8ft.
• Room size not to exceed 200 sq.ft.

Extra charges apply if more than two coats or priming is required.


  • Approximately $14 -$20 per sq.ft. plus materials.

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